It Takes Two

Choosing to travel with my boyfriend was an easy decision for me. After all why wouldn’t I want to experience all the world has to offer with the person I love most in this world? It was simple for me, I didn’t want to have the experience at all if it wasn’t going to be with him. It is true that travelling with your significant other will test you and whether the relationship is as rock solid as you think it is. Travelling brings out the best and the worst in people and it could “make or break” a relationship. The internet is awash with these warnings, as are a lot of outside parties who seem to think it appropriate to offer you pre trip advise (not that they have ever actually done it themselves of course; cue eye rolling). So with all this negativity flying about here are the reasons why you should travel with your other half…


Us Time…

In our everyday routines, it can be easy to become complacent in our relationships. We have other things to worry about such as your careers, family and friends, and sometimes we forget to prioritise relationships in this ever increasingly stressful world. Packing up and leaving with the person you love acts as a way of resetting. It says you are important to me and I want to spend time remembering that away from all the other stresses this life presents. It allows you to focus on that all important Us Time.


Better Together…

When was the last time you both did something for the first time? Learning or exploring something new together really bonds you. A shared experience will help create and build memories together that will last a life time. So jump in together and think of all those stories you will one day have to tell.


Home Doesn’t Seem So Far…

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, all that matters is who is by your side when you get there and when that person is ‘The Person’ wherever you end up will feel like home. Travelling with the one you love eases the longing for home; it eradicates fear of the unknown, permitting you a freedom to feel at peace in a place that isn’t our own, but a place that will forever be ours.


When The Chips Are Down…

The moment you strap a backpack to your back and leave behind the familiar it’s a given that things won’t always go as planned; delayed flights, lost possessions, missing your bus, getting lost and most definitely scammed, are just some of the things that could, and will happen. But when the stakes are high and the worst has happened, having your boyfriend with you eases the situation. Always ready with a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold, rest assured you are both in this together. And trust me, all those horrible things that happened? You will get over them, learn from them and laugh about them. Sometimes it just takes two.


Fall in Love Again…

Seeing a different part of the world together is a great chance to revive that happy-go-lucky, cool, and hopeless-romantic side of your relationship. It’s the perfect excuse to be the people you once were at the start of your relationship before life got in the way. Under a foreign sky you will fall in love all over again; time will stop still and if only for a moment it will be just the two of you. So make the most of this incredible experience and don’t let others bring you down. Hold each other, kiss passionately, make love and don’t forget to have a little fun along the way.


By Sophie Maguire


2 thoughts on “It Takes Two

  1. Dear Sophie, you are right! It’s nice to share the best moments with your lifer partner. This is what Adriana and me are doing for over 25 years! Nice to meet you and Cam during our last vacations.


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