Made in Vietnam

I’m 5.ft 1, I work in fashion and I love clothes. Clothes on the other hand don’t love me quite so much! The stores I lust after cater to a taller, waifer framed clientele. I’m top heavy, pretty short and with a tiny waist, making shopping far more challenging that it should be for someone who could spend an entire week browsing the shops.

Basics are fine – t-shirts and jeans, that kind of thing. But when it comes to occasion dressing I often come unstuck. My tiny frame can’t take the trapeze cuts that flood stores such as Zara and Mango. I need a more fitted shape that compliments my bust and flatters my waist. But even when I do eventually find a dress that suits my body type the length of the garment presents another issue. So I gave up on my dream of finding the perfect dress – that was until I made it to Vietnam.


Vietnam, specifically Hoi An is famed for it’s tailoring, so as soon as we arrived we sought out the best tailors in town to get ourselves some custom made threads that would actually fit in all the right places.

Let me introduce Yaly Couture of Hoi An – a fashionistas dream. Yaly’s will, and can, tailor anything your heart desires in their made to measure atelier at a fraction of the prices you could expect to pay elsewhere for the same service.




The second you enter Yaly’s you are met by the attentive staff who are there to talk you through every aspect of the tailoring process from fabric, cut and fit. The staff at Yaly’s are not only extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional, they are also talented in their craft.



Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no clue what will suit you, the seamstress here will work with you to pick the perfect piece for your frame and intended occasion. Cam was set on a two piece Italian cut suit, I on the other hand wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for until I stumbled upon a mannequin wearing a floor length, lace dress that was not only beautiful, but classic. This was a statement dress, and while I wouldn’t be able to wear it often, I knew that this was a dress I needed in my closet for that special occasion that would usually have me trolling websites and stores for hours upon hours only you leave disappointment and ultimately dressless.



So with both of us set on styles it was time to pick out fabrics. Every inch of Yaly’s features floor to ceiling displays of fabrics in every possible colour, texture and pattern. Cam chose a cashmere and wool blend navy fabric for his suit, while I went for a black chiffon and lace overlay for my dress.



The next step is to measure you up and talk through your expectations. The very next day you return to Yaly’s for your first fitting. This is the time you see your vision as a reality – my dress fit like a dream and I was able to, for the first time in my life, to feel utterly comfortable and satisfied with my purchase. Cams suit needed a few tweaks, which the staff were happy to assist with. Fitting him once again and then finally delivering the perfect suit direct to our hotel only five hours later. In total we spent £300.00 in Yaly’s for custom made to measure clothes. Clothes that fit like a glove, made from amazing fabrics in an atelier that prides itself on quality. Plus I have the added bonus of never having to worry about turning up in the same dress as some one else. Thanks Yaly’s – we will be back very soon.

By Sophie Maguire


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